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API Introduction

Pesawise payments can be accessed via API including making M-PESA and Pesalink payments.

We're in our initial stages of API deployment so please be patient if certain things are not working 🙏🏽

Pesawise API Test Environment.

Pesawise offers developers a test environment where they can test their integrations before going live with the system. The test environment is made available in this documentation and all endpoints point towards the test environment. You can request for API key and API Secret Keys that can be used without any risk Here . is the base URL for all test endpoints.

Opening a Pesawise Account

Please submit a signed merchant / super-merchant agreement avaliable via this link and submit KYC documentation to [email protected]

After Opening of your account

Once you open a Pesawise account we will create a default balance that you can use to transact.

Your account will also be linked to API keys which can be renewed and revoked by you.

API Keys

Access To API Keys :

Once you create an account in Pesawise, Two Keys are automatically generated. The API Key and the API secret. You can change both these keys in the settings. When you login to Pesawise, by default it takes you to the Home Page of the application. To access the keys :

1. Click on the Top Right User Icon That has a drop down.

2. Select the Settings Tab in the drop down.

3. Select the API Keys tab.

  • Under the API Keys tab, you will find both the API Key and the API Secret.


Do not share the API keys with someone you don't trust as the keys are used to access critical data. Incase you feel like they are compromised, you can always Select Generate new Keys to regenerate a new pair of API Keys.